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Eastcott Michal 'I' the Story of the Self
Ramacharaka 14 Lessons in Yogi Philosophy
Goddard  Dwight A Buddhist Bible
Mendelsohn Everett A Compassionate Peace
Saraydarian Torkom A Daily Discipline of worship
Phylos A Dweller on Two Planets
Tagore Rabindrinath A Flight of swans
Levine Stephen A Gradual Awakening
Crawford Ina A Guide to the Mysteries
Hanh Thich Nhat A Guide to Walking Meditation
Dasgupta Surendranath A history of Indian Philosophy Vol I
Dasgupta Surendranath A history of Indian Philosophy Vol II
Brunton Paul A Message for Arunachala
Sheldrake Rupert A New Science of Life
Muller Robert A Planet of Hope
Aurobindo Sri A Practical Guide to Integral Yoga
Hardy Jean A Psychology with a Soul
Johnson Raynor, C. A Religious Outlook for Modern Man
Brunton Paul A Search in Secret Egypt
Brunton Paul A Search in Secret India
Richelieu Peter A Souls Journey
Besant Annie A Study in Consciousness
Bailey Alice A A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
Bailey Alice A A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
Bailey Alice A A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
Bailey Alice A A Treatise on White Magic
Bailey Alice A A Treatise on White Magic
Montgomery R A World Beyond
Trevelyan George A World Within a World
Jacka Judy A-Z of Natural Therapies
von Daniken Erich According to the Evidence
Ramacharaka Advanced  Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy
Fearn Ian Adventure Into Life
Woldben A. After Nostradamus
Velikovsky Immanuel Ages in Chaos
Steiner Rudolf Agriculture
Gandhi M. All Men Are Brothers
Rudhyar Dane An Astrological Mandala
Rudhyar Dane An Astrological Triptych
Suzuki D. T. An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
Dalai lama Ancient Wisdom Modern World
Lusseyran Jacques And There Was Light
Price John Randolph Angel Energy
Hodgson Joan Angels & Indians
Hodson Geoffrey Angels and the New Race
de Groat Florence Animal stories
Twitchel Paul Anitya
Spangler David Anthology A Vision of Findhorn
Huxley Aldous Ape & Essence
Ratnayake Premil Apostle of Peace - AT Ariyaratne
Levi Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
Rudofsky Bernard Architecture Without Architects
Tisserand Robert Art of Aromatherapy
Oken Alan As Above So Below
Scott Dick Ask That Mountain
Carpenter Garth Aspects of Astrology
Rudhyar Dane Astrological Themes for Meditation
Rudhyar Dane Astrological Timing
Oken Alan Astrology
Jones Marc Edmond Astrology:  How & Why it Works
Thompson William Irwin At the Edge of History
Krishnamurti J. Authentic report of eight talks At Ojai
Krishnamurti J. Authentic report of seventeen talks in 1936
Krishnamurti J. Authentic report of twenty-five talks in Latin America
Gandhi M. K. Autobiography
Yogananda Paramhamsa Autobiography of a Yogi
Vaughan Francis Awakening Intuition
Perkins & Hainsworth Bah'ai faith
Baha 'u' llah & Abdu'l-baha Baha'i World Faith
Esslemont J. E. Baha'u'llah and the new Era
Benjamin Harry Basic Self-Knowledge. Intro to Esoteric Psychology
Hodson Geoffrey Be Ye Perfect
Watts Alan Beat Zen, Square Zen and Zen
Gurdjieff Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson
Heline Corinne Beethoven's Nine Symphonies
Cecil Lord Martin Being Who You Are
Chaudhuri Hadridas Being, Evolution & Immortality
Fromm Erich Beyond the chains of illusion
Griffiths Jeremy Beyond the Human Condition
Krishnamurti J. Beyond Violence
Saraydarian Torkom Bhagavad Gita
Radhakrishnan Transl. Bhagavadgita
Vivekananda Swami Bhakti Yoga
Schuessler Dr. W.H. Biochemic Handbook
Leboyer Frederick Birth Without Violence
Frasure David Bluebirds
Huxley Aldous Brave New World
Schwarz Walter & Dorothy Breaking Through
Karagulla Shafica Breakthrough to Creativity
Saraydarian Torkom Breakthrough to Higher Psychism
Drub Gendrun Bridging the Sutras & Tantras
Agni Yoga Brotherhood
Hodson Geoffrey Brotherhood of Angels & of Men
Tendzin Osel Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand
Saraydarian Torkom Buddha Sutra
Conze Edward Buddhism
Humphries Christmas Buddhism
Oliver Ian P. Buddhism in Britain
Gyatso Tenzin Buddhism of Tibet & the Key to the Middle way
Cowell E. B. Buddhist Mahayana Texts
Guenther Herbert Buddhist Philosophy
Kalupahana David J. Buddhist Philosophy
Rhys-Davids T. W. Buddhist Sutras
Albers Christina, A. Buddhist Tales For Children
McGuire William C. G. Jung Speaking
Scott Cyril Cancer Prevention
Shah Idries Caravan of Dreams
Gaylin Wilard Caring
Lu K'uan Yu Charles Ch'an and Zen Teaching
Saraydarian Torkom Challenge for Discipleship
Bailey Foster Changing Esoteric Values
von Daniken Erich Chariots of the Gods
von Heyderbrand Caroline Childhood
Creel H. G. Chinese Thought
Williams Esther Christ is in our Midst
Saraydarian Torkom Christ: Avatar of Sacrifice Love
Frieling Rudolf Christianity and Islam
Blavatsky Helena Christmas
Sumedho Ajahn Cittaviveka
Watts Alan Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown
Ariyaratne A. T. Collected works Vol IV
Ariyaratne A. T. Collected Works Vol. II
Steiner Rudolf Colour
Mayer G. Colour and the Human soul
Krishnamurti J. Commentaries on Living
Agni Yoga Community
Blofield John Compassion Yoga
Bailey Alice A Compilation on Sex
Bailey Alice A Compilation on Sex
Augustine St. Confessions
van der Leeuw J. J. Conquest of Illusion
McWaters Barry Conscious Evolution
Bailey Alice A Consciousness of the Atom
Bailey Alice A Consciousness of the Atom
Bailey Alice A Consciousness of the Atom
Spangler David Conversations with John
Spangler David  Cooperation with Spirit
McCreary Alf Corrymeela
Gauquelin Michel Cosmic Influences on Human Behaviour
Saraydarian Torkom Cosmos in Man
Founadtion for Inner Peace Course in Miracles Vol I
Foundation for Inner Peace Course in Miracles Vol II
Foundation for Inner Peace Course in Miracles Vol III - Teachers Manual
Govinda Lama Anagarika Creative Meditation
van Dorp Cornelius Crystal Mission
Trungpa Chogyam Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
Saraydarian Torkom Daily Spiritual Striving
Constas Robert Death Does Not Exist & the Psycology of the becoming oneself
Gregor N Death, the Great Illusion
Bailey Alice A Destiny of the Nations
Theosophical Society Devas & Men
Lee Dal Dictionary of Astrology
Bailey Alice A Discipleship in the New Age I
Bailey Alice A Discipleship in the New Age I
Bailey Alice A Discipleship in the New Age II
Bailey Alice A Discipleship in the New Age II
Bailey Alice A Discipleship in the New Age ll
Saraydarian Torkom Discipleship on Action
Hodson Geoffrey Divine Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures
Muktananda Swami Does Death Really Exist
Stephen David, Ed Dolphins Seals & other Sea Mammals
Faraday Ann Dr Dream Power
Ullman, etc. Dream Telepathy
Jung C. G. Dreams
Saraydarian Torkom Dynamics of Success
Saraydarian Torkom Dynamics of the Soul
Keys Donald Earth at Omega
Lindisfarne Community Earth's Answer
Robinson Lytle Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin & Destination of Man
Krishnamurti J. Education & the Significance of Life
Steiner Rudolf Education as a Social Problem
Bailey Alice A Education in the New Age
Saraydarian Torkom Education is Transformation Vol 2
Saraydarian Torkom Education is Transformation, Vol 1
Steiner Rudolf Education of the Child
Steiner Rudolf Education Towards Freedom
Archdale F. A. Elementary Radiesthesia & the Use of the Pendulum
Spangler David Emergence, the Rebirth of the Sacred
Sundial House Eastcott & Magor Entering Aquarius
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Astrology, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol3 
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Astrology, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol3 
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Healing, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol4 
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Healing, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol4 
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Healing, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol4 
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Psychology I, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol1
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Psychology I, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol1
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Psychology II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol2
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Psychology II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol2
Bailey Alice A Esoteric Psychology II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol2
Busby Marie-Louise Esoteric Science of Colour
Suzuki D. T. Essays in Zen Buddhism I
Suzuki D. T. Essays in Zen Buddhism II
Suzuki D. T. Essays in Zen Buddhism III
Aurobindo Sri Essays on the Gita
Thoreau H. D. Essays, Journals & Poems
Szekely Edmond Essene Science of Life
Dooley  Anne Every Wall a Door
Peterson Roland Everyone is Right
Staal Frits Exploring Mysticism
Bailey Alice A Externalisation of the Hierarchy
Hodson Geoffrey Fairies at Work and at Play
Baker Richard St Barbe Famous Trees of Bible Lands
Stewart Ian & Golubitsky, Martin Fearful Symmetry
Spangler David Festivals in the New Age
Saraydarian Torkom Fiery Carriage & Drugs
Agni Yoga Fiery World I
Agni Yoga Fiery world II
Agni Yoga Fiery World III
van der Leeuw J. J. Fire of Creation
Wilson  J. First steps in Meditation for Young People
Saraydarian Torkom Five Great Mantrams of the New Age
Saraydarian Torkom Flame of Beauty love Culture Joy
Kaminski Patricia Flowers that Heal: How to Use Flower Resources
Chah Ven Ajahn Food For The Heart
Roerich Helena Foundations of Buddhism
Aurobindo Sri Foundations of Indian Culture
Govinda Lama Anagarika Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism
Tarasar Constance J. Founders of Russian Monasticism
Krishnamurti J. Freedom from the Known
Bailey Alice A From Bethlehem to Calvary
Steiner Rudolf From Buddha to Christ
Bailey Alice A From Intellect to Intuition
Pagan  Isabelle From Pioneer to Poet
Marriott Sara From the Centre
Alder Vera Stanley From the Mundane to Magnificent
Santina Peter D Fundamentals of Budhism
Steiner  Rudolf & Wegman, Itma Fundamentals of Therapy
Myers Norman Ed. Gaia Atlas of Planet Management
Watson Lyall Gifts of Unknown Things Doctrine
Bailey Alice A Glamour: A World Problem
Ramacharaka Gnani Yoga
Beltz Walter God and the Gods
Cuming Kenneth God and the New Age
Green B. & Gollancz, V God of a Hundred Names
Elixir God spoke to me
Russel A. J. Ed. God. Calling
Kazantzakis Nikos God's Pauper - St Francis
Mipham Nagarjuna & Lama Golden Zephyr
Schumacher E. F. Good work
Fearn Ian Greater Than We Know
Metzner Ralph Green Psychology
Schumacher E. F. Guide For The Perplexed
Tournier Paul Guilt & Grace
Wylam P.M. Guru Nanak
Cohen S. S. Guru Ramana
Carter Mildred Hand Reflexology
Dass Baba Hari Hariakhan: Known Unknown
Ramacharaka Hatha Yoga
Fearn Ian He Made the Bridge
Bach Edward Heal Yourself
MacNutt Francis Healing
Heline Corinne Healing & Regeneration Through Music
Feild Reshad Hear to Heal
Agni Yoga Heart
Thera Nyanaponika Heart of Buddhist Meditation
Huxley Aldous Heaven & Hell
Williams Elma Heaven on my Doorstep
Peace Pilgrim Her Life & Work in Her Own Words
Berges John Hidden Foundations of the Great Invocation
Hodson Geoffrey Hidden wisdom in the Holy Bible
Agni Yoga Hierarchy
Saraydarian Torkom Hierarchy and the Plan
Hindu Myths Hindu Myths
Zaehner R.C. Hinduism
Roberts Ursula Hints on spiritual Unfoldment
Woolf V. Vernon Holodynamics
Paulus Trina Hope for the Flowers
Newan Mildred & Berkowitz How to be Your Own Best Friend
Prabhavanda & Isherwood How to Know God
Brown George Issac Human Teaching for Human Learning
Steiner Rudolf Human Values in Education
de Chardin Teilhard Hymn of the Universe
MacDonald Bayne I am the Life
Kuhlman Kathryn  I Believe in Miracles
Blofield John I Ching
I Ching I Ching - Richard Wilhelm trans.
Craven Margaret   I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Cullinan Thomas If the Eye be Sound
Steiner Rudolf Illusory Illness & Feverish Pursuit of Health
Steiger Brad In My Soul I Am Free
von Daniken Erich In Search of Ancient Gods
Ramster Peter In Search of Lives Past
Link Mark In the Stillness is the Dancing
Agni Yoga Infinity 1
Haich Elizabeth Initiation
Bailey Alice A Initiation Human & Solar
Bailey Alice A Initiation Human & Solar
David-Neel Alexandra Initiations & Initiates in Tibet
Saraydarian Torkom Inner Blooming
Cerminara Gina Insights for Age of Aquarius
Aurobindo Sri Internationalism and Human Unity
Bennet John. G. Intinations
Fordham Frieda Introduction to Jung's Psychology
Burckhardt Titus Introduction to Sufi Doctrine
Leadbeater C. W. Invisible Helpers
Sundial House Invocation-Fundamentals & Practices
Saraydarian Torkom Irritation The Destructive Fire
Blavatsky Helena Isis Unveiled I
Blavatsky Helena Isis Unveiled II
Huxley Aldous Island
Sundial House Eastcott Jacobs Ladder
Jacobi Hermann Jaina Sutras Part I
Jacobi Hermann Jaina Sutras Part II
Faber-Kaiser A. Jesus Died in Kashmir
Cooke Grace Jewel in the Lotus
Vivekananda Swami Jnana Yoga
Bach Richard Johnathon Livingston Seagull
Stubbs Merle Journey of a Lifetime
Lerner Eric Journey of Insight Meditation
McHugh, Joseph & Harris, Larif Journey to the Moon
Schutz William Joy
Saraydarian Torkom Joy and Healing
van der Post L. Jung & the Story of our time
Progroff Ira Jung's Psychology
Cullinan Thomas Justice Papers Euchariste Politics
Halevi Z'ev ben Shimon Kabbalah
Vivekananda Swami Karma Yoga
Watson Jean Karunai Illam story of an orphanage
Peck Betty Kindergarten Education
Longchenpa Kindly Bent to Ease Us I
Longchenpa Kindly Bent to Ease Us II
Longchenpa Kindly Bent to Ease Us III
Hodson Geoffrey Kingdom of the Gods
Boone J. Allen Kinship With All Life
Laing R. D. Knots
Tripi Sergio Knowing How to Give and Receive
de Castellijo Irene Knowing Woman
Steiner Rudolf Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
de Chardin Teilhard Le Milieu Divin
Bailey Mary Learning Experience
Agni Yoga Leaves of Morya's Garden
Agni Yoga Leaves of Morya's Garden II
Schumacher E. F. Lectures
Saraydarian Torkom Legend of Shamballa
Aurobindo Sri Letters on the Yoga I
Aurobindo Sri Letters on Yoga II
Aurobindo Sri Letters on Yoga III
Roerich Helena Letters Vol. I
Spalding Baird T. Life & Teachings I
Spalding Baird Life & Teachings II
Spalding Baird Life & Teachings III
Spalding Baird Life & Teachings IV
Spalding Baird Life & Teachings V
Jacobson Nils Life Without Death?
Findhorn Limitless Love Light & Truth Part 1
Huxley Aldous Literature and Science
Barrie Celia Live Beyond Your Limitations
Bennet John. G. Long Pilgrimage
Greene Liz Looking at Astrology
May Rollo Love &   Will
Jampolsky Gerald Love is Letting Go of Fear
Rae Daphne Love Until it Hurts
Saraydarian Torkom Love, Freedom, Beauty, Joy
David-Neele Alexandra Magic & Mystery in Tibet
Rudhyar Dane Magic of tone & Art of Music
Nanda B. R. Mahatma Gandhi
Mehta Ved Mahatma Gandhi & His Apostles
Huxley Julian Man in the Modern World
Leadbeater C. W. Man Visible & Invisible
Aurobindo Sri Man- slave or Free?
Dubois Rene Man, Medicine & Environment
Yogananda Paramhamsa Man's Eternal Quest
Mass Nuir Many Paths to One Heaven
Hammarskjold Dag Markings
Sundial House Assagioli Martha and mary
MacDonald Christina Medicines of the Maori
Cooke Grace Meditation
Watts Alan Meditation
Jacka Judy Meditation - The Most Natural Activity
Sundial House (Eastcott) Meditation & The Rhythm of the Year
Trungpa Chogyam Meditation in Action
Aurelius Marcus Meditations
Saraydarian Torkom Mental Exercises
Evans-Wentz W. Y. Milarepa Tibet's Great Yogi
Rinpochay Lati Mind in Tibetan Buddhism
Gordon Ernest Miracle on the river Kwai
Johnson Ann Miryam of Nazareth
Fynn Mister God, this is Anna
Steiner Rudolf Modern Art of Education
Jung C. G. Modern Man in the Search of a Soul
Agni  Yoga Mother of the World
Gorree,Barbier George & Jean Mother Teresa of Calcutta The Love of Christ 
Khan Hazrat Inayat Music
Scott Cyril Music
Heline Corinne Music, the Keynote of Human Evolution
Dalai Lama My Land and My People
Baker Richard St Barbe My Life, My Trees
Steiner Rudolf Mysteries of the East & Christianity
Heline Corinne Mysteries of the Holy Grail
Ramacharaka Mystic Christianity
Heline Corinne Mystic Masonry & the Bible
Happold F. C.  Mysticism
Suzuki D. T. Mysticism: Christian & Buddhist
Hamilton Edith Mythology
Scott Cyril Natural Systems of Healing
Watts Alan Nature, Man & Woman 
Nicolson Shirley Nature's Merry-Go-Round
Satin Mark New Age Politics
Spangler David New Age Rhythms
Roerich Nicholas Nicholas Roerich
Paelian Garabed Nicolas Roerich
Millman Dan No Ordinary Moments
Baba, Meher Not we but One
Blavatsky Helena Notes on Gospel According to John
Johnson Raynor, C. Nurslings of Immortality
Rudhyar Dane Occult Preparations for a New Age
Steiner Rudolf Occult Science
Kubler-Ross Elisabeth On Death & Dying
Cecil Lord Martin On Eagles wings
Schumacher E. F. On Energy
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi On the Bagavad Gita
Swain Jasper On the Death of my Son
Ward, Barbara & Dubos, rene Only One Earth
MacLeod G. F. Only One Way Left
Trevelyan George Operation Redemption
Blavatsky Helena Origin of Evil
New Zealand Futures trust Our Country Our Choices
Goldsmith Joel S. Our Spiritual Resources
Sundial House Magor Pain and Its Transforming Power
Eliade Mircea Patanjali & Yoga
Hodson Geoffrey Pathway to Perfection
Vaughan Allan Patterns of Prophecy
Sumedho Ajahn Peace and Kindness
Chaumette Yves Peace Means Action
Krishnamurti J. Penguin Krishnamurti Reader
Peck M. Scott People of the Lie
Rogers & Stevens Person to Person
Roman Sanaya Personal Power Through Awareness
Sundial House Phenomenon of Death
Guenther Herbert Philosophy & Psychology in Abhidarma
Steiner Rudolf Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
Khan Hazrat Inayat Philosophy, Psychology, Mysticism
Laing R. D. Politics of Experience
Laing R. D. Politics of the Family
Thant U Portfolio for Peace
Saraydarian Torkom Practical Spirituality
Happold F. C. Prayer and Meditation
Mother The Prayers and Meditations of the mother
White Eagle Prayers in the New Age
Moore G. E. Principea Ethica
Bailey Alice A Problems of Humanity
Bailey Alice A Problems of Humanity
Bailey Alice A Problems of Humanity
Ward Barbara Progress for a small planet
Sundial House Progressive Revelation of Divinity
Nostradamus Prophecies of Nostradamus
Stephenson James Prophecy on Trial
Altea Rosemary Proud Spirit
Ostrander & Schroeder Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
Fortune Dion Psychic Self-Defence
Govinda Lama Anagarika Psychic-Cosmic symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa
Abraham Kurt Psychological Types & the Seven Rays
Jacobi Jolan Psychology of C. G. Jung
Ornstein Robert Psychology of Consciousness
Long Max Freedom Psychometric analysis
Assagioli Roberto Psychosynthesis
Geeta, the Put into English from the original Sanskrit
Chopra Deepak Quantum Healing
Ramacharaka Raja Yoga
Slater Wallace Raja Yoga
Vivekananda Swami Raja Yoga
Prabhupada Swami Raja-Vidya The King of Knowledge
Ramana Manjari Ramana Kendra
Mahadevan T. M. P. Ramana Maharshi
Vinoba Bhave Random Reflections
Moyle J. Aubrey Reality - Psychic Research
Bailey Foster Reflections
Besant Annie Reincarnation
Wilson Ian Reincarnation
Steiner Rudolf Reincarnation & Immortality
Gardner Shearman, Besant Reincarnation & Karma
MacGregor Geddes Reincarnation in Christianity
Cooper Irving S. Reincarnation the Hope of the World
Hodgson Joan Reincarnation through the Zodiac
Greene Liz Relating
Doornekamp Eric Relax with Yoga
Maslow Abraham Religions, Values & Peak Experiences
von Daniken Erich Return to the Stars
Liyanage Gunardansa Revolution Under the Breadfruit Tree
Blair Lawrence Rhythms of Vision
Heindal Max Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception
Fitzgerald Edward Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Bailey Foster Running God's Plan
Kern H. trans. Saddharma Pundarika
Gibran Kahlil Sand and Foam
Greene Liz Saturn
Guy Henry Saving the World
Aurobindo Sri Savitri
Sundial House Assagioli Science & Service of Blessing
Saraydarian Torkom Science of Becoming Oneself
Ramacharaka Science of Breath
Prakashanand Saraswati Science of Devotion and Grace
Yogananda Paramhamsa Science of religion
Petulengro Leon Secrets of Romany Astrology & Palmistry
Merton Thomas Seeds of Contemplation
Radhakrishnan Selected Writings on Philosophy, religion & Culture
Laing R. D. Self and Others
Maharshi Sri Ramana Self-Enquiry
Gibran Kahlil Self-Portrait
Schwenk Theador Sensitive Chaos
Bailey Alice A Serving Humanity
Bailey Alice A Serving Humanity
Bailey Alice A Serving Humanity
Storm Hyemeyohsts Seven Arrows
Wood Ernest Seven Schools of Yoga
Muhaiyaddeen H.H. M.R. Bawa Sheikh and Disciple
Petit Florence Shrines of Psychic Power
Three Starfire Signs in the Heavens
Johnston W. Silent Music
Silva, Jose & Miele, Philip Silva Mind Control
Schumacher E. F. Small is Beautiful
Tandon Vishwanath Social & Political Philosophy of Sarvodaya
Woodward F.L. trans Some Sayings of the Buddha
Muggeridge Malcolm Something Beautiful for God
Rushford Winifred Something is Happening
New Troubadours Song Book
Gyatso Gyalwa Songs of Spiritual Change
Chaumette Yves Source of Consciousness
De Barry William, Theadore Sources of Chinese Tradition
Krishnamaqcharya E. Spiritual Astrology
Spink Peter Spiritual Man in a New Age
Gaskin Ina May Spiritual Midwifery
Gibran Kahlil Spiritual Sayings of K. Gibran
Navajata Sri Aurobindo
Aurobindo Sri Sri Aurobindo and the mother on India
Satprem Sri Aurobindo:  Adventure of Consciousness
Nirodbaran Sri Aurobindo's Humour (Correspondence Part III)
Prabhupada A. C. Sri Isopanishad
Lyon Bruce Standing for the Sacred
Feild Reshad Steps to Freedom
Newall R. S. Stonehenge
Hawkins Gerald Stonehenge Decoded
Sunanda Stories & Plays for Children
Ray I. R. & Gupta, M. C. Story of Vivekananda
King Martin, Luther Strength to Love
Suzuki D. T. Studies in Lankavatara Sutra
Tansley David Subtle Body
Krajenke Robert Suddenly We Were
Bakhtiar Laleh Sufi
Khan Hazrat Inayat Sufi Message & Sufi Movement
Nurbakhsh Dr. Javad Sufi Symbolism Vol. I
Agni Yoga Supermundane I
Watson  Lyall Supernature
Sangharakshita Survey of Buddhism
Hamaker J. & Weaver, D. Survival of Civilisation
Vinoba Bhave Swaraj Sastra
Lee, Ornstein Galin, Deikman Symposium on Consciousness
Jacka Judy Synthesis in Healing
Delza Sophia T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Mother The Tales of All Times
Panday Daulat Tales of India Part 1
Panday Daulat Tales of India Part 3
Shah Idres Tales of the Dervishes
Budaliget Talking With Angels
Krishnamurti  J. Talks & Dialogues
Krishnamurti J. Talks in Europe
Saraydarian Torkom Talks on Agni
Saraydarian Torkom Talks on Agni, Vol. II
Saraydarian Torkom Talks on Agni, Vol. III
Vinoba Bhave Talks on the Gita
Tsong-ka-pa Tantra in Tibet
Avalon Arthur Tantra of the Great Liberation
Watts Alan Tao:  the watercourse way
Lu K'uan Yu Taoist Yoga - Alchemy & Immortality
Pere Rangimarie Turuki Te Wheke - A Celebration of infinite Wisdom
Burtt E. A. Ed. Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha
Zaehner R.C. Teachings of the Magi
Bailey Alice A Telepathy & Etheric Vehicle
Bailey Alice A Telepathy & Etheric Vehicle
Steiner Rudolf Tension Between East and West
Greaves Helen Testimony of Light
Institute of Hydrodynamics Testing Drinking water
Legge James trans. Texts of Taoism Part I
Legge James trans. Texts of Taoism Part II
Assagioli Roberto The Act of Will
Barker Sarah The Alexander Technique
Sinclair Sir John The Alice Bailey Inheritance
Johnson Ken The Ancient Magic of the Pyramids
Ferguson Marilyn The Aquarian Conspiracy
Heline Theodore The Archetype Unveiled
Leo Alan The Art of Synthesis
Saraydarian Torkom The Art of Visualisation Simply Presented
Bronowski J The Ascent of Man
Deshpande P. Y. The Authentic Yoga
Mitchell Maisie The Autobiography of an Aspirant
Krishnamurti J. The Awakening of Intelligence
Russell Peter The Awaking Earth
Weeks & Bullen The Bach Flower Remedies
Covins Frederick The Battle for Badgers Wood
Naimy Mikhail The Book of Mirdad
Case Paul Foster The Book of Tokens
Khan Hazrat Inayat The Bowl of Saki
Scott Cyril The Boy Who Saw True
Radhakrishnan The Brahmasutra
Piyadassi Thera The Buddha's Ancient Path
Humphries Christmas The Buddhist Way of Action
Weatherhead L. D. The Case for Reincarnation
Coatsworth Elizabeth The Cat Who Went to Heaven
Guirdham Arthur The Cathars & Reincarnation
Saraydarian Torkom The Chalice in Agni Yoga Literature
Tweedie Irina The Chasm of fire
Palos Stephen The Chinese Art of Healing
Weatherhead L. D. The Christian Agnostic
Andrews Cecile The Circle of simplicity
Gauquelin Michel The Cosmic Clocks
Lemesurier Peter The Cosmic Eye
Heline Corinne The Cosmic Harp
Saraydarian Torkom The Creative Fire
Codd C. M. The Creative Power
Inayat Taj The Crystal Chalice
Lindfield Michael The Dance of Change
Khan Hazrat Inayat The Dance of the Soul
Zukav Gary The Dancing Wu Li Masters
Caddy Eileen The Dawn of Change
Guenter, Herbert & Prungpa C. The Dawn of Tantra
Danielou Jean The Dead Sea Scrolls & Primitive Christianity
Camara Dan Helder The Desert is Fertile
Vinoba Bhave, Ed. The Dhamapada
Peck M. Scott The Different Drum
Ashe Geeofffrey The Discovery of King Arthur
Hayter Adrian The Dolphins Message
Huxely Francis The Dragon
Jinarajadasa M. A. The Early Teachings of the Masters
Huddlestone John The Earth is But One Country
Michell John The Earth Spirit
Hunt Roland T. The Eighth Key to Colour
Rodale J.I. The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
Spink Peter The End of An Age
Ostrander & Schroeder The ESP Papers
Vinoba Bhave The Essence of the Christian Teachings
Vinoba Bhave The Essence of the Quran
Saraydarian Torkom The Eyes of hierarchy
Maslow Abraham The Farther Reaches of Human Nature
Fromm Erich The Fear of Freedom
Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring
Suzuki D. T. The Field of Zen
Alder Vera Stanley The Fifth Dimension
Riddel Carol The Findhorn Community
Findhorn Community The Findhorn Garden
Alder Vera Stanley The Finding of the Third Eye
Crook Gloria The Fires of Group Work
Auroville The First Six Years - 1968-1974
Mountford Charles The First Sunrise
Merry Eleanor C. The Flaming Door
Krishnamurti J. The Flight of the Eagle
Twitchell Paul The Flute of God
Steiner Rudolf The Four Temperaments
de Chardin Teilhard The Future of Man
Stepanich Kisma K. The Gaia Tradition
Way Robert The Garden of the Beloved
von Daniken Erich The Gold of the Gods
Banks Natalie The Golden Thread
Starcke Walter The Gospel of Relativity
Szezkely Edmond The Gospel of the Essenes
Saraydarian Torkom The Great Invocation
Scott Cyril The Greater Awareness
Winckley Rev. Edward The Greatest Healer
Fearn Ian The Growing God
Saraydarian Torkom The Hidden City of Inner Man
Brunton Paul The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga
The Holy Bible
Bible The Holy Bible
Yukteswar Swami Sri The Holy Science
Street Noel The Human Aura
Aurobindo Sri The Human Cycle
Dewey J.J The Immortal Book 1 &2
Krishnamurti J. The Immortal Friend
Roberts Ursula The Importance of Incarnation
Johnson Raynor, C. The Imprisoned Splendour
India of gandhi the India of gandhi
His Pupil The Initiate
Alder Vera Stanley The Initiation of the World
Lindsay Phillip The Initiations of Krishnamurti
Brunton Paul The Inner Reality
De Motte Charles The Inner side of History
Sgam Po Pa The Jewel Ornament of Liberation
Stubbs Merle The Journey Continues
Happold F. C. The Journey Inwards
Hesse Herman The Journey to the East
Blavatsky Helena The Key to Philosophy
Krippner Stanley The Kirlian Aura
Koran The Koran
Bailey Alice A The Labours of Hercules
Feild Reshad The Last Barrier
Spangler David The Laws of Manifestation
Aurobindo Sri The Life Divine I
Cohen J. M. Trasl. The Life of St Teresa
Cooke Crace & Ivan The Light in Britain
Arnold Edwin The Light of Asia
Bailey Alice A The Light of the Soul
Bailey Alice A The Light of the Soul
Bailey Alice A The Light of the Soul
Spangler David The Little Church
Brown George, Issac, Ed. The Live Classroom
Cooke Grace The Living Word
Steiner Rudolf The Lords Prayer
Harris Rosemary The Lotus & the Grail
Hawken Paul The Magic of Findhorn
Yogananda Paramhamsa The Master Said
Goldsmith Joel S. The Master Speaks
Leadbeater C. W. The Masters & the Path
Wapnick Kenneth The Meaning of Forgiveness
Fosdick Dr H E The Meaning of Prayer
Mitchel Leonel The Meaning of Ritual
Hopkins John The Measure of the Universe
de Bono Edward The Mechanism of the Mind
Heline Theodore The Merchant of Venice
Khan Pir Vilayat The Message in Our Time
Hodson Geoffrey The Miracle of Birth
Roberts Ursula The Mystery of the Human Aura
Fortune Dion The Mystical Qabalah
Nicolson Reynold, A. The Mystics of Islam
Trungpa Chogyam The Myth of Freedom
Eliade Mircea The Myth of the Eternal Return
Ogilvie Norman The Neglected Facet
Schoenmaker Mario The New Clairvoyance
Pollack Rachel The New Tarot
Davis, Peter & Hodge, Judith The NZ Green Guide
Krishnamurti J. The Only Revolution
Dalai lama The Opening of the Wisdom Eye
Kriyananda The Path
Challoner H. K. The Path of Healing
Spink Peter The Path of the Mystic
de Chardin Teilard The Phenomenon of Man
Sundial House Eastcott & Magor The Plan & the Path
Jung C.G The Portable Jung
Dalai lama The Power of Buddhism
Edwards Harry The Power of Spiritual Healing
Lawrence Brother The practice of the presence of God
Sheldrake Rupert The Presence of the Past
Gibran Kahlil The Prophet
Schul Bill The Psychic Power of Animals
Rudhyar Dane The Pulse of Life
Eliade Mircea The Quest
Saraydarian Torkom The Questioning Traveler & Karma
Bailey Alice A The Rays and Initiations, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol5 
Moore Thomas The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
van Gelder Dora The Real World of Fairies
Bailey Alice A The Reappearance of the Christ
Bailey Alice A The Return of the Christ (from her writings)
Bailey Alice A The Return of the Christ (from her writings)
Tolkien The Return of the King
Watson Lyall The Romeo Error
Cullinan Thomas The Roots of Social Injustice
Lao-Tzu The Sayings of Lao-Tzu
Arrowsmith Brian The Science of Consciousness
Saraydarian Torkom The Science of Meditation
Leadbeater C. W. The Science of the Sacrament
Taimni I. K. The Science of Yoga
Shah Idries The Secret Law of Magic
Wilhelm Richard The Secret of the Garden Flower
Brunton Paul The Secret Path
Tame David The Secret Power of Music
Aquarian Educational Group The Serene Life
Saraydarian Torkom The Serene Life
Hunt Roland T. The Seven Keys to Colour Healing
Burmester Helen The Seven Rays Made Visual
Sundial House (Eastcott) The Seven Rays of Energy
Bailey Alice A The Seven Rays of Life
Bailey Alice A The Seventh Ray Revealer of the New age
Sundial House Magor The Significance of the Heart
Eastcott Michal The Silent Path
Arnold Edwin The Song Celestial (Bhagavad Gita)
Bailey Alice A The Soul and its Mechanism
Bailey Alice A The Soul and its Mechanism
Khan Hazrat Inayat The Soul Whence & Whither
Watts Alan The Spirit of Zen
Sundial House (Eastcott) The Spiritual Hierarchy of the World
Vinoba Bhave The Steadfast Wisdom
Shah Idries The Sufis
Watts Alan The Supreme Identity
Hodson Geoffrey The Supreme Splendour
Needleman Jacob Ed. The Sword of Gnosis
Saraydarian Torkom The Symphony of the Zodiac
Aurobindo Sri The Synthesis of Yoga
Deussen Dr Paul The System of Vedanta
Capra Fritjof The Tao of Physics
Case Paul Foster The Tarot
Szekely Edmond The Teachings of the Essenes From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls
Upanishads Purohit & Yates The Ten Principal Upanishads
Kyber Manfred The Three Candles of Little Veronica
Upanishads Robert Hume The Threeteen Principal Upanishads
Rinpoche Sogyal The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Evans-Wentze W. Y. The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Alder Vera Stanley The Time is Now
Santina Peter D The Tree of Enlightenment
Saraydarian Torkom The Triangle of Fire
King Martin Luther The Trumpet of Conscience
Wilson Ian The Turin Shroud
Capra Fritjof The Turning Point
Eliade Mircea The Two and the One
Watts Alan The Two Hands of God
Tolkien The Two Towers
Keys Donald The UN & Planetary Consciousness
von Weisacker Carl The Unity of Nature
Barnett Lincoln The Universe & Dr Einstein
Upanishads Mascaro, J The Upanishads
Upanishads Prabhavananda, Swami The Upanishads
Nikhilananda Swami The Upanishads - A Second Selection
de Bono edward The use of Lateral thinking
Luk Charles The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra
Wilson Colin The War Against Sleep
Waley Arthur The Way & Its Power
Khan Hazrat Inayat The Way of illumination
Halevi Z'ev ben Shimon The Way of Kabbalah
Dhiravanso The Way of Non-Attachment
Govinda Lama Anagarika The way of the White clouds
Watts Alan The Way of Zen
Kapleau Phillip, Ed. The Wheel of Death
Greaves Helen The Wheel of Eternity
Hutschnecker Arnold The Will to Happiness
Watts Alan The Wisdom of Insecurity
Brunton Paul The Wisdom of the Overself
Servan-Schreiber Jean-Jacques The World Challenge
Aurobindo Sri The Writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
Feys J. The Yogi & the Mystic
Huxley Aldous Themes & Variations
Tucci G. Theory & Practice of the Mandala
Gardner E. L. There is no Religion Higher than Truth
Fearn Ian Think again
Krishnamurti J. Think on These Things
Vinoba Bhave Third Power
Krishnamurti J. This Matter of Culture
Merton Thomas Thoughts in Solitude
Vinoba Bhave Thoughts on Education
Balyoz Harold Three Remarkable women
Abraham Kurt Threefold Method for Understanding the 7 Rays
Neal Viola & Karagulla, Shafica Through the Curtain
Harrer Heinrich Tibet Is My Country
Evens-Wentz W. Y. ed. Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation
Evans-Wentz W. Y. ed. Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines
Fromm Erich To Have or To Be
Spangler David Towards a Planetary Vision
Davis Lola A. Towards a World Religion for the New Age
Coomaraswamy Anada Transformation of Nature in Art
Furlong Monica Traveling In
Tolkien J. R. Tree & Leaf
Boxold Reg True Holism
Huxley Aldous Twice Seven
Jung C. G. Two Essays on analytical Psychology
Kleeman Bill Noel Under the Mountain
Langrick Roger Understanding Acupuncture
Schuon Frithof Understanding Islam
Roszak Theodore Unfinished Animal
Bailey Alice A Unfinished Autoiography
Brown Rosemary Unfinished Symphonies
Khan Hazrat Inayat Unity of Religious Ideals
Isherwood Christopher Vedanta for Modern Man
Isherwood Christopher Vedanta for the Western  World
Nanasampanno Ven. A. Maha Bodwa Ven. Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera, A Spiritual Biography
Thakar Vimala Vimalaji's Global Pilgrimage Part 1
Thakar Vimala Vimalaji's Global Pilgrimage Part 2
Ram Suresh Vinoba and His Mission
Vinoba Bhave Vinoba on Gandhi
Onkom Suchitra Vipassana Meditation
Humphries Christmas Walk On!
Tresemer David War in Heaven: Accessing Myth through Drama
Challoner H. K. What of Tomorrow
Alder Vera Stanley When Humanity Comes of Age
Roszak Theodore Where the wasteland ends
Yogananda Paramhamsa Whispers from Eternity
Cooke Joan Why On Earth
Alder Vera Stanley Wisdom in Practice
Cooke Joan Wisdom in the Stars
Bennet John. G. Witness - Autobiography
Agni Yoga Woman
Saraydarian Torkom Woman Torch of the Future
Taylor Debbie (et al) Women - A World report
Estes Clarissa Pinkola Women Who Run with Wolves
Sundial  House Work of Master D. K. with A. A. B.
Velikovsky Immanuel Worlds in Collision
Steiner Rudolf Wrong & Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge
Wood Ernest Yoga
Eliade Mircea Yoga - Immortality & Freedom
Pandit M. P. Yoga of Self-Perfection
Doornekamp Eric Yoga Therapy
Chi'uh Yoga With the Unborn
Krishnamurti J. You Are The World
Gawler Ian You Can Conquer Cancer
Bailes Frederick Your Mind Can Heal You
Milicevic Barbara Your Spiritual Child
Pirsig Robert M. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Humphries Christmas Zen Buddhism
Fromm, Suzuki & Martino Zen Buddhism & Psychoanalysis
Reps Paul Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Herrigal Eugen Zen in the Art of Archery
Abehsera Michel Zen Macrobotic cooking

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