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Forgiveness Day
Forgiveness Week

The Triangle Centre co-operates with the Forgiveness Day and Forgiveness Week projects.

International Forgiveness Week was first publicly observed by a small gathering in Times Square, New York in 1979. Since then it has grown into an expanding non-denominational non-sectarian non-political movement dedicated to bringing about a shift in world consciousness. The initiative was inspired "by the conviction that those who practise forgiveness for a week will find an inner personal peace that they will never again want to be without. When enough individuals have come to know and want that inner peace which forgiveness brings, the world will be on its way to global peace. Sharing and caring will take the place of war, as we open our hearts to one another through complete forgiveness".

From the outset Forgiveness Week has been celebrated "in any manner that appeals to the person or group observing it - by private meditation, public festival, family ritual, study group or a mutual ceremony of forgiveness between groups."

Over the years there have also been initiatives to celebrate an International Day of Forgiveness. Recently there has been an intensified focus on forgiveness, with growing recognition of its immediate relevance to our times. This is reflected in the number of web sites dedicated to forgiveness. Of particular note are:

The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is gaining global support for the idea that International Forgiveness Day be celebrated on the first Sunday in August. Various groups are now celebrating a week of forgiveness around this date.

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