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We have recently completed a stocktake of our library and uploaded the catalogue onto our website, see the Library Catalogue; Books by Title or Books by Author.

We are so pleased to have completed this task and look forward to serving you with easy access to our wide selection of nearly 900 books. Check out the catalogue and feel totally welcome to borrow a book. We only ask that when you place a book request (by snail mail or email) please include your phone number and we will communicate with you providing you with our bank account number for you to make a deposit of just $5 to cover postage. We will then send you the book and ask you to please return the book by the due date (loan period one month). We ask for your phone number to confirm and secure a direct relationship with you. Alternatively, you may just be local, in which case make contact by emailing and we will be in touch and arrange to rendezvous at the Centre.

Library Catalogue; Books by Title or Books by Author.

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