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Supporting the United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative

The Triangle Centre supports the United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative by using the meditations it offers and by encouraging others to do so.

The United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative aims to promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support the UN Days and Years though meditation and prayer.

United Nations Calendar
The UN Calendar of Days, Weeks, Years and Decades forms a well-established global rhythm of service. It directs attention to the key issues of our times with such Days as World Health Day, and year long themes such as in the International Year for Water. While there is obviously need for more outer work to be done on the issues highlighted, there is equally need for additional work in meditation to inspire, uplift and nourish that outer effort.

Millions of individuals and groups in all parts of the world include some form of subjective activity meditation, prayer, reflection in their pattern of life. A significant number are motivated by the wish to contribute to the creation of human unity. The UN Calendar offers a unique opportunity to be more effectively engaged in this process.

A Climate of Thought
Meditation and prayer in support of the UN Days and Years helps to create a climate of thought that is receptive to the vision and values of a compassionate and just world order. This service may be unrecognised by most but it is nonetheless powerful, aiding servers working in every field of endeavour in the many magical ways that bear the signature of love.

The Vision
It is hoped that large numbers of individuals and groups who practise meditation and prayer will increasingly choose to include this service in their rhythm of inner work.

How Can I Be Part of the Initiative?
You can work in meditation or prayer to support the UN Year as a regular service or from time to time. You can keep an eye on the UN Calendar and meditate in support of some of the Days, in addition to any other inner work that you do. Meditations are offered by the Initiative to use if you wish.

If you are part of a group you can use the suggested meditations during some of your meetings. Group members can be encouraged to use one or other of the meditations once a week, or once a month. If you notice that your group is due to meet on, or in the period leading up to, one of the Days in the UN Calendar, why not suggest that the group either uses the meditation at some time in your programme, or observes the Day in some other way.

You or your group might also want to take on some form of outer service in support of either the UN Days or Year. Ideas and further information are offered on the web site.

On the web
All the resources needed to be part of this Initiative are available on the web. The web address is presently at: The site includes: meditation outlines for the UN Days and Year; the UN Calendar of Days, Weeks, Years and Decades; information, thoughts for reflection, and links to other web sites for each of the UN Days and Year; guidelines for those who are new to meditation; information on other ways to support the UN Calendar.

Another great website from